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Ontario, Quebec, and Western Canada study update (February 2019):

Happy February! The Canadian K9 Lifetime Study has reopened for veterinary clinics to begin new puppy enrollment in Ontario and welcomes veterinary clinic enrollment of puppies from Quebec and western Canada (Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta & British Columbia). It is good to be national!

In response to the rising cross-Canada concern regarding leptospirosis, and due to our desire to expand the study (i.e. beyond Ontario and Atlantic Canada), we have been successful in partnering and obtaining ongoing diagnostic support from IDEXX Laboratories, Inc. to revise the study to include what the Canadian veterinary community informed us were key research and education goals. We appreciate your support and for letting us know your concerns for canine health, e.g. leptospirosis, infectious disease emergence in western Canada, beyond the current study focus on Lyme disease, other tick-borne exposure and disease risks, and canine health, nutrition and welfare.

Ongoing we are very excited and pleased to be able to offer leptospirosis testing in addition to our existing study plan. 

For study clinics, veterinary teams and dog-owners interested in participating in this brand-new aspect of the study we will be offering this form of diagnostic testing (i.e. leptospirosis) to newly enrolled and currently enrolled Ontario study dog. We will ask veterinary clinics to connect with us directly to obtain the appropriate study labels to ensure this testing occurs and so that new clinics in QC and western Canada obtain the approved study documents for enrollment.

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Ontario Update: November 2018

The Canadian K9 Lifetime Study will be closed to new puppy enrollment from November 16th to February 1st. Other study aspects (e.g. dog testing follow-up) will not be affected by this brief closure to new puppy enrollment.

Why are we doing this? In light of the rising concern of leptospirosis and due to our desire to expand the study across Canada, (i.e. beyond Ontario and Atlantic Canada), we are taking until February 1st, 2019 to revise the study to include these expanded goals. We appreciate your support and for letting us know your concerns for canine health (e.g. leptospirosis, infectious disease emergence in western Canada). We are listening to the Canadian veterinary community and appreciate your patience as we re-tool to meet your requests.


Ontario: 1 year plus update:

Thank you Ontario! We are now at 225 puppies in your province with close to half of this group at over year 1 of participation. It’s been amazing to see these puppies grow and change with their families and the information shared is already benefiting veterinary researchers and pet-owners alike.

Thank you also to our study supporters, The Ontario Veterinary College Pet Trust, IDEXX Labs, Inc., Zoetis Investment in Innovation Veterinary Colleges Fund and the Atlantic Veterinary College Research Fund.

We're looking for another 25 dedicated puppies and pet-owners from PEI and Nova Scotia prior to closing the study to new puppy enrolment in these provinces. A big thank you to our dedicated veterinary clinics on the island and in Nova Scotia! It’s been amazing to see such incredible veterinary clinic support and commitment to canine health, concern over tick-borne (Lyme) and leptospirosis in our own backyards, and recognition of the role these puppy (canine) sentinels play in human disease awareness and prevention. This is truly a One Health effort and we cannot do this type of research without you. Thank you all so very very much.

New Brunswick and NL: We’d love to enroll puppies from your provinces to ensure we have a group of dogs and dedicated pet-owners that represent the diverse provinces in Atlantic Canada. Please speak to your veterinary clinic if you live in NB or NL, have a puppy less than 7 months of age and are interested in participating in our lifelong study commitment to canine health.

Current puppy owners and participating veterinary clinics: To thank our current dedicated veterinary clinics and puppy-owners a random drawing of Amazon gift cards has been done. These gift cards will be sent to participating veterinary clinics to pass along to their participating puppies and dedicated owners.

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4 Month Study Update

PEI & Nova Scotia: The past few weeks have brought a number of new puppies and pet-owners (PEI, Nova Scotia) to join the study. A warm welcome to all of you!

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Canadian K9 Lifetime Study Update

In May 2018 (not quite one year after initiation), the research study that everyone said would never work reached an enrollment of 200 puppies and devoted pet-owners.

This purely Canadian veterinary community & pet-owner grassroots effort has already allowed us to obtain important information on canine Lyme disease, among other dog and human health concerns.

This type of research cannot occur without the commitment and dedication of you- our pet-owners and veterinary clinic staff. It has been an inspiring journey- and we could not have asked for better partners in our efforts. Thank you again Canada.

Study updates from year one of our collaborative research efforts will be posted in the coming months.

Our thanks to the Ontario Veterinary College Pet Trust and IDEXX Laboratories, Inc. for their support of our research efforts.