Nutrition & Exercise 

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Nutrition for your beloved pet

There are few things as important to us as food for our pets.

We want it to keep them healthy, taste yummy and provide comfort, caring and love. The WSAVA Nutrition Toolkit is an excellent resource for pet-owners looking for ways to make feeding choices and decisions for their beloved pets. 


Canadian K9 Lifetime Study Baseline Questionnaire Nutrition & Exercise Data

An update on the Canadian K9 Lifetime Study was presented at the 2018 American College of Veterinary Nutrition conference. There were a few interesting findings from the preliminary study data,  which was gathered from study enrolment questionnaires from a wonderful group of pet (puppy)-owners. Here are a few highlights:

Nutrition: Most puppy-owners remembered their veterinarian speaking to them about nutrition, but only half recalled being provided an amount to feed and most (61%) did not recall a discussion on treats or snacks. Pet-owners considered food ingredients most important in pet-food purchasing (65%), followed by veterinary recommendations (45%), dog preference (29%) and pet-food company (16%).

Exercise: Almost all pet-owners (92%) responded that they would exercise their puppy more if a veterinarian told them this was needed. Comparatively, only 58% responded that they  would exercise more if their physician told them to do so. 

July 12, 2018