What do you think is best (important) for your dog when it gets an infection?

Canadian K9 Lifetime Study Participant Survey on Antibiotic Use in Dogs


Studies that look at knowledge, attitudes and perceptions (KAPs) of the general public on various subjects are growing more and more common.

Grain of salt…as more common isn’t the same as ‘common’ and on the whole this type of research isn’t common or done all that often, particularly in veterinary medicine. This is a shame, as knowing what pet-owners (aka veterinary clients) think, know, believe and perhaps most importantly want-need for their pets is REALLY important. After all, optimum health for pets and raising that bar is a team effort- isn’t it? And for me, KAP surveys are the first step in bridging what is sometimes a gap between pet-owners and vets. As a vet, I’m very aware that pet-owners usually know better than I do what does (or doesn’t) work for their fur babies. And, as a pet-owner, this is definitely how I feel about my E. setters, i.e. I know way more about what they need than any vet, including my husband- who also happens to be a vet.

To that end (i.e. investigating KAPs of pet-owners), the Canadian K9 Lifetime Study will stay on track with our annual expansion of study goals, and this spring (year #3 of the study!) we will continue our work on canine welfare and health by adding to our original agenda of infectious disease (specifically tick-borne, aka Lyme disease (2017) and leptospirosis (2018)), nutrition, exercise and general health to include assessment of KAPs surrounding antibiotic use (2019).

We are inviting study members to participate in a short survey regarding antibiotic use in dogs. The survey is designed to gather information about pet owners’ perceptions and preferences when treating their pet for an infection. The study is funded by the Ontario Veterinary College Pet Trust.  The survey is voluntary and anonymous.

The survey is open to all Lifetime study participants.

For more information or to complete the survey, please click here: SURVEY  


As always, we want to thank you for your continued participation in the Canadian K9 Lifetime Study. We cannot do this important work for canine health and welfare without your ongoing participation. It is nothing short of incredible to see our study dogs grow from fuzzy puppies to young dogs!