Top 5 ways to ‘Prevent an animal associated injury this season’

bunny setter.jpg

This Easter weekend, during various holiday time-points (i.e. E. Bunny egg hunt, over-indulgence on anti-oxidant containing treats, grading exams, travel and yard work), the family and I came up with a:

Top 5 things to remember to keep yourself (and your family) safe from an animal associated injury or infectious disease’ list.

Although we hope 1-4 below are also on your ‘They did what?!@’ list, we’ve learned over the years that common sense just ain’t so common…So, without further ado, here is our spring-themed (think bunnies, chicks, lambs) list of things to consider, as we hop, flap, bounce or caper into a new season:


Top 4 things NOT to do, and 1 thing TO do:

1.      Don’t run over dead animals with your lawn mower- especially those ‘wascally wabbits’. I repeat, ‘Avoid this like the plague’. Yes, I am writing about tularemia…

2.      Don’t kiss your (anyone else’s or your child’s class pet) hedgehog on the mouth- or anywhere else.

3.      Replace ‘hedgehog’ in #2 with chick, duckling, rat, guinea pig, gecko, bearded dragon, frog, or snake, and same thing…don’t do it.

4.      Don’t do a mouth castration on your (or anyone else’s or your child’s class pet) lamb. Once again, this is applicable to many (ANY) species, i.e. Do not do this.

5.      Do download (and pass along) these freely available dog and cat colouring pages. Prevention of dog and cat bites begins with education and awareness on animal behaviour- and it’s easiest to learn when it’s simple and fun…at least that’s true for me.