Winter is Coming! (Could Leptospirosis be coming, too?)

Winter is coming (& canine leptospirosis may be more likely) … In B.C. and other parts of Canada.

On September 14th, I posted a draft map ( provided by our collaborative research team (Universities of Guelph and PEI) on Canadian canine lepto test positive incidence.

This past week, an article quoting a veterinarian in Sooke, British Columbia was released, warning dog owners about a local sick dog that had been diagnosed with leptospirosis and encouraging vaccination to prevent more sick dogs (

Test results (like those on our map) don’t equate with clinical disease in all instances, and that’s important to keep in mind. However, based on our preliminary assessment of the Canadian lepto test results, it’s also not too surprising (to me) that dogs in BC are at risk of (and are it seems) being diagnosed with leptospirosis. How many dogs are being diagnosed or are sick is quite another topic, since lepto: 1) isn’t always on dog owners’ (or veterinarians’) radar, and as such may be missed by not being considered or tested for, and 2) the lepto vaccine isn’t considered a ‘core’ vaccine in the traditional sense, and thus not used when perhaps it may be beneficial (

Lepto has been worrying me (hence the blogging), and there are few things I hate more than disease in dogs that I consider largely preventable through awareness and vaccination. The end result of that concern is that we’ll be expanding the Canadian K9 Lifetime Study in early 2019 to try and sort out a few more canine welfare troubles…or make a solid attempt on it.

Ongoing we’ll include Leptospira spp. serovar testing on puppies (and as they grow up-dogs) and also be expanding new puppy enrollment into Western Canada. We appreciate the support of those in the Canadian Veterinary Community who have helped us enroll such amazing puppies and pet-owners. We simply cannot do our work to raise awareness and help protect dogs without this- and it is our hope that you will continue to help us achieve these expanded Canadian K9 goals.

Lepto results.png